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October 11, 2012

Night Import: Photography by Charles Zee Zayas | Words by William Lee

GTR Meet-3

Like many say, better late than never..right? It's been about a month since Japan had its infamous meet...a meet that's known by many enthusiasts around the world. If you are a Skyline fan like myself, then it isn't optional, but mandatory for you to look through other blogs for a coverage on the R's Meeting or even better, checking it out on Night Import. I believe this is our second time covering this event thanks to our contributor Charles in Japan.

Many of you guys know how Japan hosts numerous car shows/events, probably even more than here in the States, and one event you just need to attend if you plan on going to Japan in September, is this one. Yea yea~ I know things can be seen online these days, but actually attending one is obviously different and an experience that cannot be forgotten.

If you know me well, my dream car is a Skyline BNR34. I made a separate post about this, just to share some of my knowledge about cars that I really want to get. So imagine how badly I want to go to Japan and just see Skylines haha. Anyways I'll stop with the talk and take you guys on a tour to the R's meeting.

R's meet-28 From Hakosukas to R35s, every line in the Skyline family can be seen at this event.
  R's meet-30Bunch of R32s parked separately.
  R's meet-1While some of the cars were parked to show, others were on the track.
  GTR Meet-2Ahhhh~~~ what a scene!
  GTR Meet-5A set of Volk TE37s completing the look on this R33.
  GTR Meet-4R-Line R33 on what looks like BBSs.
  GTR Meet-7Now to the area where all the vendors were.
  GTR Meet-8Yeap~ One of my favorite aftermarket companies in Japan, Mine's had their R35 and R34 on display. Charles actually featured a R33 from this company for our blog. I'll try to find that link later for you guys.
  GTR Meet-10Ah yes. HKS.
  GTR Meet-11Seems like the D'station ADVAN GT-R R35 that participated in the SUPER GT GT500 Class, driven by Bjorn Wirdheim and Hironobu Yasuda.
  R's meet-2One of the R34s that's getting ready to go on the track.

GTR Meet-12

Ouf! R's meet-2 In Red please.
  GTR Meet-15Just......speechless...
  R's meet-3RBs for the win!?
  R's meet-4Line of GT-Rs under Saurus and C-west.
  GTR Meet-16Definitely built to race or should I say..to dominate
  GTR Meet-17Fuck yea. Can't go wrong with White on White.
  R's meet-5Mmm! Esprit's R35.
  GTR Meet-18I spot a R34 on BBS LMs

GTR Meet-19 Always loved the BBKs by Endless. Look at the one on this R35. Seems like the forged monoblock BBK.
  R's meet-6Yeeerrrow~~~~ R34 on Volk TE37SLs.
  R's meet-7My first time hearing about this aftermarket company called Cockpit.Going to take a look at them once I finish writing this coverage.
  R's meet-8(^_^)
  R's meet-10\(^O^)/
  R's meet-11Help me lawrd.... Top Secret. End of the story.
  GTR Meet-20A look at that Red R34 again.
  R's meet-13Whoever this car belongs to is teaching their son/daughter correctly. Look at the seat in the middle.

R's meet-14

R's meet-15 Very nice view. Good job Charles!
  R's meet-16Charles needs to eat too right?
  R's meet-17I don't know why...but why does every food I see through pictures in Japan, look better than the ones I can actually taste and see in person here in the States. WHY!?
  GTR Meet-21Just because it's a meet for GT-Rs doesn't mean you'll only spot GT-Rs. Here's one gorgeous looking S15.
  GTR Meet-23Well hello family~
   R's meet-19Loving the track stance.

R's meet-20

R's meet-21

  R's meet-22 Hakosuka on Watanabes.
  R's meet-23For a second, I thought that kid was the driver lol
  R's meet-24Don't you just love gloomy weathers.
  R's meet-25Simplicity.
GTR Meet-34

R's meet-26

  R's meet-27 I like what I'm seeing.
  R's meet-29Bunch of R32s. One that stands out is the Purple R32 from Veilside.
  R's meet-31Not so common to see Panasport G7s on a Skyline.
  GTR Meet-24From a distance...
  R's meet-32Rough.
  R's meet-33Perfect...just perfect....
  R's meet-34Midnight Purple for the win.
R's meet-35

  R's meet-36 R34s in different colors.
  R's meet-37Fuuuuuuu
  R's meet-38Hello to you sir!
R's meet-42

  R's meet-39 Representing Bulletproof Illuminati. Our good friends from Bulletproof did attend this event and according to Ben, he had a blast.
  R's meet-40I like this picture. Why? I don't know.
  R's meet-41Absolutely stunning.
  R's meet-44No offense, but even more stunning, the Hosaka Tuning Factory R35.
  R's meet-43Some cars leaving.
  R's meet-45You forgot to close the trunk sir!
  R's meet-46The beautiful rear-end of a R35.
  R's meet-49How I want my R34 to look like once I get one.
R's meet-50

  R's meet-51 One going that way, the other coming this way.
  R's meet-52Father and son time.
  R's meet-53Do I see some LIP?
  GTR Meet-25I didn't take you guys to the track, so let's take a look at the cars.
GTR Meet-26

GTR Meet-28

  GTR Meet-30 Ou~! an Itasha Supra.
R's meet-57

R's meet-58

R's meet-59

R's meet-60

GTR Meet-32

  GTR Meet-35 Back to back. Which one would you choose?
  R's meet-55Yes.
  R's meet-56Well that's about it guys. I would've written more if I was at the event, but hope you guys enjoyed this coverage. Have a good one and see you guys soon!


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