Event Coverage | 1JZ Meet @ Fuji Speedway (Pt. I)

September 21, 2012

Night Import: Photography by Charles Zee Zayas | Words by William Lee


And......I'm back! with an even better coverage, brought to you by our active contributing photographer/videographer in Japan, Charles Zee Zayas. Charles has been running his ass off to various meets and because of him, NI is able to bring you guys some stuff from Japan. I would personally love to go there and see it for myself, but because of this work I have to handle, those days will not come too soon. However, I might be able to make it to Tokyo Auto Salon, so once that happens, I'll keep you guys updated on facebook.

 Back to where we left off, there are 2 meets that go on together at Chiba Circuit, just outside of the infamous Tokyo, Japan. One is the well-known R's meet, which I'll be writing up a coverage on some time next week, and another that's not so well known, called the 1JZ meet. I haven't come across a coverage on this meet on all those famous blogs that we know of. Charles is actually a huge fan of drifting, so hearing those tires screeching and smelling the tires burning is a stimulus for him to work even harder in the car scene. Let's see what Charles saw at the meet.
  1J-GTR-2I'm sure there were variety of cars with different engine setups, but the ones that actually participated in the drifting event were mostly 1JZ equipped cars.
  1jzz-2Front-end looks like...an animal.
  1jzz-3Fuked up bumpers and the sound of turbo spooling is what makes this meet so interesting and fun.
  1J-GTR-3Very clean S13 cruising down.
  1jzz-4The enjoyment of shooting cars.
  1J-GTR-4Seems like these JZXs getting ready to enter the track. Look at those guys looking at Charles haha.
  1jzz-5Weeee~~ drifto!



1J-GTR-5 Gotta love this JZX100 from Weld.
  1J-GTR-6Hello guys!
  1J-GTR-7From far away...Whiteness.

  1jzz-7 Loving the Black on Black look.
  1J-GTR-11Just a hint of what will be shown in our R's meet coverage.
  1jzz-10Look at that.
 1jzz-13 S15 alert!!!
  1jzz-12While some cars were leaving..
  lexus-1Some were getting ready to rip it up. Stay tuned for our Part 2 coverage on the 1JZ meet.


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