Video Coverage | The Infamous (Canibeat x Hellaflush)

August 14, 2012

Night Import: Videography by UMWorks | Words by William Lee

Good thing about having a team for a blog is that whenever a staff can't make it to an event, there will be someone else within the team who will step in and take your spot. Last weekend, two infamous blogs; Canibeat & Hellaflush, hosted a mesmerizing event at Queen Mary located in Long Beach, CA. Yes, it's the location where Toyotafest, JCCS, and many other car shows take place. Having an event at such a grand location should make you think, "Whoa, this event is going to be off the hook!" and that's exactly what happened last Saturday. Congratulations to Canibeat & Hellaflush on having a successful first event in Southern California. Check out this video coverage done by our one and only videographer, UMWorks. Enjoy!


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