Event Coverage | Formula Drift Long Beach 2012 - Part 2

April 10, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Formula D LB-59
Hope everyone enjoyed Part 1 yesterday, because if you did, the enjoyment will continue on with today's coverage, Part 2 of Formula Drift. I think I should rename it to Slammed Society Showcase (Name of Car Show hosted by Fatlace) because that's one of the two sections I only covered from the event because of not having media access. Either way, in Part 2 today, you'll be seeing majority of the cars that participated in Fatlace's show along with some of the drifting cars that didn't make it to the Top 32.

If you are a blogger or just go to events to snap some shots, you always expect to see something new every year. That's pretty much how I felt during late January because the most common phrase I heard was, "Just wait and see...". I didn't expect TOO much when I went to Formula D 3 days ago because to be honest, although there are a good amount of cars that participate in Slammed Society, most of them are the ones I've seen at meets or other events. For this year though, there were a lot of new rides and the ones I've seen before came out with a different look.

Formula D LB-94
Rotiform's booth was at the left side of the entrance, and a few cars caught my attention.

Formula D LB-89
...which was this Vertex kitted SC on Copper plated Volk Racing G2s. Those wheels were so fuking bright you could spot it like miles away.

Formula D LB-55
Another shot from a different angle. I think this Copper plated thing is becoming popular these days because of all these Copper plated photos floating around on Facebook and Tumblr.

Formula D LB-95
Another car displayed by Rotiform was this Lancer that was at SEMA last year.

Formula D LB-178
Across from Rotiform's booth was Fatlace and Air Runner's booth. These two VIP beauties were greeting all the spectators entering the Showcase lot.

Formula D LB-91
I'm a HUGE fan of Junction Produce!

Formula D LB-92
I've seen OJ's LS so many times, but never get tired of seeing it. What was so hilarious few days ago were these stupid comments on OJ's ride that was posted by Import Tuner Magazine on Facebook. These little wannabe automotive enthusiasts were bragging about how the kit was bought off on ebay and some other random shit. OJ decided to jump into the convo and literally shut all those kids up by listing all his mods. I, of course, jumped in as well because I hate kids who don't know jack shit and act like they do. A note to all you guys out there; if you do NOT know anything about a car, then just be quiet and move on. Acting like you do will put you in an embarrassing situation.

Formula D LB-90
To the left of the VIP rides was Jon Sibal's Challenger. If I had to choose one favorite domesitc car from last year, without any doubt, I would choose Jon's.

Formula D LB-56
After taking a quick break, I walked around to check out some cars and came across this 06 Cadillac. Something looks different right? Those are 350Z rims on the car and the car itself is slammed!

Formula D LB-137
Even my boy Josh was digging it.

Formula D LB-66
Now to start from the top, a Benz S63 AMG Black Bison. Baller!!!!

Formula D LB-72

Formula D LB-73
Sick ass widebody BMWs.

Formula D LB-74
Kelvin's Do-Luck Evo 9 now on Red Volk TE37s. I miss his Top Secret ones :/

Formula D LB-75
Charles's custom widebody S2000. I haven't seen this foo for such a long time, so it was good seeing him again.

Formula D LB-67
I believe this ain't a real Amuse kit, but the fitment was nice.

Formula D LB-68
Matte Black is the way to go. Wheel fitment was on point.

Formula D LB-69
One slammed Miata.

Formula D LB-70
I've seen some exotic, slammed, whatever term you can think of, 240sxs, but something about this one made me like it a lot.

Formula D LB-71
Hachi~~~ Roku! Loved the Purple color.

Formula D LB-79
Clean Clean

Formula D LB-78
Five Axis wheels on a Genesis Coupe.

Formula D LB-77
AutoProject's tC on Rotiforms.

Formula D LB-80
I had no idea he turbocharged his car. Looking good buddy!

Formula D LB-81
That front bumper was fucked up.

Formula D LB-82
Owner of this car at the left talking with peepz who wanted to know more about his ride.

Formula D LB-83
Props to the owner of this Civic because it was looking sick as hell. I never imagined those new Work meisters to be on any old gen Civic.

Formula D LB-84
Ouf!!! Tiffany Blue painted Rotiforms on the new STi. Stunning!

Formula D LB-85
James Oliver's Prelude on a new set of Work Varianza V5Ss.

Formula D LB-86
Still one of my favorite VIP rides in SoCal; Mike Vo's Job Design GS.

Formula D LB-87
What a surprise! Last time I saw this M was like 2 years ago or something. I believe the color is a custom Maziora paint.

Formula D LB-88
JP Vizage kit makes this beauty look really aggressive.

Formula D LB-96
Simply done MR2 on Enkei RPF1s.

Formula D LB-97
Cressida on Enkei RPF1s as well. You can see the differences in wheel finish by looking at the MR2 above and this Cressida.

Formula D LB-98
Those wheels were wack!

Formula D LB-99
Something above this concaved design doesn't fit my taste.

Formula D LB-100
Swagger Wagon.

Formula D LB-101
I have something for Beetles. No joke.

Formula D LB-102
Classic VW I came across numerous times last year.

Formula D LB-103

Formula D LB-104
Was always a fan of this A3 on BBS LMs. This car was featured in EuroTuner.

Formula D LB-105
Wowzers! Never seen this Fit before. Mugen'd out!

Formula D LB-106
S2000 on aggressive sized CCWs.

Formula D LB-107
Seen this CR-X a few times now and always liked the clean look.

Formula D LB-110

Formula D LB-108
I believe this car belongs to the owner of The Chronicles. I don't think it comes out to a lot to meets or shows, but I do remember seeing it at Need for Speed's meet at Source Interlink last year. Very nice!

Formula D LB-111
Matthew's S13 vert.! I've said this before and will say it again; my favorite S13 vert. in SoCal.

Formula D LB-112
So Matthew's girlfriend, Thao, was posting on facebook about this new project car of hers and I think this is the one. You might think it's on air or something, but it's actually static and knowing how Matt daily drives his slammed S13 vert., Thao should be driving it with the drop you see in the pic..... if true..then...holy fuck...

Formula D LB-113
Last time I saw this STi, it was on Work Emotion CR-Kais. This look looks pretty dam awesome too!

Formula D LB-114
Who likes CCWs?

Formula D LB-115
Whoa. Didn't know Royal Flush recruited a R32. Sick!!!

Formula D LB-116
Raymond's GS went through a major makeover. Aimgain bodykit and the new customized Fabulous Profounds are a few to mention. I think the camber for the front was -10 and -15 for the rears.

Formula D LB-117

Formula D LB-118
Fuuuuu!!! Lexus LS460 on VIP Modulars.

Formula D LB-120
Shot of team Royal Flush. Love ya Raymond! (No homo)

Formula D LB-119

Formula D LB-175
This custom widebody Porsche Cayman was recently wrapped by Impressive Wrap. It should look familiar because it was Yellow before.

Formula D LB-121
Blue on White <3
Formula D LB-122

Formula D LB-123

Formula D LB-124

Formula D LB-125

Formula D LB-126
Imo, Ted's EK is one of the finest built EKs in SoCal.

Formula D LB-127
Always wondered the color name for those CE28ns.

Formula D LB-128

Formula D LB-129
Love this Integra.

Formula D LB-130
xB on Rotiforms, a pretty unique combo.

Formula D LB-131
Such a beautiful Y.

Formula D LB-132
Fitment approved.

Formula D LB-133

Formula D LB-134

Formula D LB-135

Formula D LB-136
If you want to see a quality built IS, you gotta check this one out.

Formula D LB-139
John Marinas's FD on rare Volk TE37SLs. Why is it rare? Because of the size.

Formula D LB-141
Harro Carl~! Congratz on getting 1st place VIP!

Formula D LB-142
EuroTuner. My Korean/Mexican homie.

Formula D LB-143
Seems like Luigi is talking with that guy over there about wheel fitment.

Formula D LB-144
Lee Ho from JDM Sport always being active in the car scene.

Formula D LB-145
Awww only one car from Team Nuisance.. :/

Formula D LB-146
Gawd dam...I wouldn't let her sit on my car for sure.. sorry.. just being honest.

Formula D LB-147
Ouf! Rx-7 FC on old school vintage wheels.

Formula D LB-148
Shot of crew Low N Slow!

Formula D LB-149
I thought a fight was going on here because of that girl sitting on that SC you guys saw above.

Formula D LB-150

Formula D LB-151

Formula D LB-152
Formula D cars that didn't make it to the Top 32.

Formula D LB-154

Formula D LB-155
From what I've heard, this was the first time ever Formula D tickets got sold out for the first round. If you went last week, then you know how packed it was.

Formula D LB-156
Because of not having a Media pass, the closest area to the track was the section for NOS VIP members. I tried my best to snap some drifting shots but they all failed :/

Formula D LB-157

Formula D LB-158

Formula D LB-160

Formula D LB-161
O well~ Gotta wait till next year.

Formula D LB-162
BMW Wagon from Crooks & Castles.

Formula D LB-165
I just love the rear look on this M5 from FX Auto Design.

Formula D LB-166

Formula D LB-167

Formula D LB-168
Had a good talk with Chris about the rear fitment on his GS.

Formula D LB-169

Formula D LB-170

Formula D LB-171

Formula D LB-172
Low N Slow rides looking clean like always.

Formula D LB-173
This cement looking paint color looked rad on the Miata.

Formula D LB-174
Jackson's widebody S2000 wrapped by Impressive Wrap.

Formula D LB-177
Another shot of Jon Sibal's Challenger before leaving the area.

Formula D LB-186
Well that's about it guys! Once again, thanks for looking through my coverage :)

Formula D LB-189
Ending it with Ken Gushi's Scion FR-S. Have a great week!


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