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January 2, 2013

Night Import: Words by William Lee

Wow! WOW! The blog is still alive!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY~~~~~~~~~ haha how's it going guys. This is William, the owner of Night Import. Gawd dammit, I haven't updated my blog for 3 months or so. Shit...I feel really horrible and want to apologize to all of you Night Import fans because of the lack of work I've put into this site, other than the fanpage, which I do update almost every hour. The reason why I logged in today was to write down few of my goals for Night Import in 2013. 2011-2012 was a blast because that 1 year of hard work made my blog well-known in the automotive scene (my thought). So, what do I have in mind for 2013?

When I first started Night Import, I was active, very active. If you went to a car show or car meet, you would see me walking back and forth, taking multiple pictures of one car and going down every aisle, doing the same thing with every car. Many of you guys saw me so many times that you had to stop me from doing my work and ask if I worked for a blog. I think that's the reason why Night Import got known and how my work got appreciated by many in the scene today. That dedication I had in the past did stop for a while because of work, but I can guarantee you that dedication will continue on in 2013. After selling my tC, I got a new car and will get another car to fix up, so you'll be seeing me pretty dam soon. I have no idea what event is coming up, but if it's an event or meet that will make me excited, than I'll be there for sure.

Car features were not such a big part of Night Import. There were very exclusive cars that were featured here, but the total number of cars that had its own feature lacked tremendously compared to other blogs. Some of you guys might think I am VERY picky when it comes to a car that is feature worth, which is partly true, but it was mostly the lack of time I had to go out there, find a location, contact the owner, and etc. 2013 will be different. I will obviously make some time to shoot more cars, but look forward to see the cars that will be shot by our contributing photographers.

Other than the two I have mentioned at the top, I really don't have anything in mind. In my opinion, what makes a car blog popular or well-known, is honesty and the content. It doesn't matter how many cars were featured or how many events one has been to. There are definitely pros and cons when it comes to honesty (yes, I have been through them all), but it is what it is and if you can't take my honesty, then too bad. The honesty will continue on for 2013 and the contents will be top notch. I'll bring you guys fun, and you guys just enjoy it :)

Bye 2012, welcome 2013. Lego Night Import.


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